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This website contains the tree for one Hallam family. One side begins in Bradwell Derbyshire, UK, and spreads to various UK towns, including Birkenhead & Stocksbridge - and as far as Canada and Australia. The other side is from Wales, Scotland, and various English towns, but also converges on Birkenhead.

If you have relatives with the surnames of Hallam, Fox, Jeffery, Evans, Bocking, Morton, Stenhouse, Lindop, or Williams, you should look through this site - you may find some of your relatives! If you find that you are related to someone here, or if you have more information to add to this tree, please let me know.

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Please note: I have attempted to keep confidential any information on living persons. If I have inadvertently included information that should not be made public, please contact me and I will correct the error.

Updated November 26th, 2018
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